A spanner in the works

Tuesday 5th November

The Orthopaedic Team removed the dressing – taking a bit of healthy skin off with it in one place – it all looked good so they left it uncovered with just a small dressing on the main abscess site. We spoke about stage two surgery, the antibiotics (including the two weeks off of them) would take me up to roughly the 15th December and I’d be expected to be in for about 10 days after the surgery. The worry was that if anything happened, like I couldn’t bend or cope on the knee, or they found an infection and we had to start again, I would be in over Christmas. The mutual decision was to go for a pre op assessment late December for the surgery at the beginning of January.

The Dietitian phoned the Ward to find out why the referral was put in, unfortunately they were talking to one of the two worst Nurses they could talk to. The Nurse vaguely explained the problem and the Dietitian just told them to give me supplement drinks, not particularly helpful. They could prescribe some to go home with but I would have to get more from my GP, which wouldn’t be problem. I was hoping that getting back home would help me get my appetite back but we could only wait and see. I really need to get my GP to refer me to a local Dietitian for advice, not just because I’m not eating but because I’ve had no real nutritional guidance since the amputation. For example, if I’m in the wheelchair and not doing much I should eat this, and if I’m wearing my leg and burning loads of calories I need that.

It was my first day at giving my own antibiotics under supervision, it was actually really weird doing it on myself. The IV (Intravenous) lady was happy with what I had done and they would be coming back to supervise me doing it all again the next day. When she had spoken to my Community Nurses she found out they are not trained to give IV antibiotics either, so I have one up on them too. They would be coming in once a week to change the PICC (Peripherally Inserted Central Catheter) line dressing and take blood. I was glad I had a second day with IV lady just to make sure I had got it right but the idiot guide is so well written I was sure I wouldn’t have any issues.

All the OT (Occupational Therapy) equipment I needed that was going to be delivered on Wednesday was delivered this morning, which was a bonus. As regular readers know I can’t have an up without a down to balance it out. By about 15:30 I’d had no text from Dad to say the bed or mattress had arrived. I just happened to check my emails and there was one from the day before about the bed delivery. For some reason the distributers were unable to dispatch the bed and it was estimated this was the case for 4-5 days. I phoned the company to find out more information as this could have been detrimental to me getting home. It was arranged that they would dispatch the mattress for Thursday delivery but they couldn’t give any guarantee about the frame. He was hoping they could do the end of the week for me but didn’t want to promise anything and let me down so he told me it would be Thursday week at the very latest. This threw up a big problem I’d either have had to stay in Hospital an extra 4-5 days or we found an alternative at home. There is a fold down bed in the spare room (where guests sleep) which is fitted to the wall. If a cabinet was taken out we were hoping that the wheelchair would slide in between the wall and the bed, so I can use that as a temporary measure. I awaited news from home as to whether this was a good to go or not.

When I was talking to Dad on the phone he had it on loud speaker so Mum could hear too, apparently Cody started growling and then wandering around as if he was looking for me, I missed him so much.

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